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Brief Introduction

Jiri is a municipality in Dolakha district which is situated at north eastern part of Nepal. Jiri lies at an elevation from 1649 m to 5341m from the sea level and it occupies 211.25 km of the land area. According to the statistics of the National Census 2068 the population of this municipality Is 15,515 of which 53.15 % woman and 46.03 % men population. The municipality has a population of different ethnic and religious people. Highest ethics group of Chettri which is 4,366 (28.14%), followed by 3,360 (21.66) % Jirel and 2,792 (18%) of Sherpa.

Jiri, which lies about 190 kilometers from Kathmandu, was the main gateway to the Everest Region in the past. Almost all the Everest expeditions, including the one led by famous climber John Hunt, Edmund Hillary had passed through Jiri. Jiri is known for its wonderful natural Landscape, greenery, beautiful high altitude lake and enrich in its geographical aspects. As the closest road head, Jiri is the trailhead for many treks into the Mount Everest region. The trek to Lukla takes seven or eight days.  People begin a trek from Jiri, and attempt the trek to Everest Base Camp start at Jiri.

One can reach Cherdung cheese factory area after an hour’s trek from Jiri. The area is home to rare Jirel community people. Thus, the area can be of significance for those who are interested in the lifestyles and cultures of the ethnic people. Bhandara is the next destination from the Cherdung Cheese Factory. The area lies just to the south of the Everest Trail. There are Sherpa villages along the trail to the Likhu River from Bhandara. Trekkers will have to climb through terraced fields and rhododendron and magnolia forests along the trail.


East: Ramechhap Municipality

West: Baiteshwor Rural Municipality and Gaurishankar Rural Municipality

North: Gaurishankar Rural Municipality

South: Tamakoshi Rural Municipality and Ramechhap Municipality

Political and administrative details:

Political and administrative details:

Province no.: 3

District: Dolakha

Municipality: Jiri Municipality

No. of wards: 9

Touristic Destination